Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Outer Space Men Arriving, Shipping

A couple of weeks after Comic-Con, the Four Horsemen are now shipping 2.0 sets, Alpha 2012 sets, and Cosmic Creators sets. They write:

Three of the Outer Space Men sets have just arrived in our warehouse and we're preparing shipping now.  About 30 sets of the re-issued Infinity Edition waves 1&2 shipped out today and more are soon to follow (shipments leave the warehouse every Tuesday). The Cosmic Creators: Four Horsemen Edition and the Alpha Phase wave 5 and Alpha Phase Deluxe 1 are also now in stock and are soon to be packaged and/or signed so they can be shipped out soon as well.
I haven't got my notice yet-- have you?  Leave a comment! Also read the whole story.

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