Thursday, March 24, 2011

Review: The Outer Space Men Beta Phase Metamorpho Action Figure

Sometimes enthusiasm trumps common sense, which is why I own four different versions Metamorpho, the Man from Alpha Centauri. Proof positive that pre-paints work, I bought two versions of this figure before the regular "standard" edition came out-- and then got another one. This particular version was bright clear pink, and while I really can't knock it for being a bad figure it's not really as interesting as the first glow-in-the-dark release or the third "main line" Infinity Series release. It's merely OK. [ READ THE FULL REVIEW ]

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Review: The Outer Space Men Infinity Edition Astro-Nautilus

It's rare that a figure you see in a magazine makes an impression on you that lasts for years, but Astro-Nautilus, the Man from Neptune was just that kind of toy. The original figure from the 1960s was featured in Tomart's Action Figure Digest in the 1990s, a magazine which used to be one of the twin bibles of the hobby but is now really tough to find. But I digress. It showed Astro-Nautilus as this big, roughly 7-inch tall Gumby-style bendable figure with four tentacled arms and a staff... and a secondary market price in the very high hundreds-of-dollars range. In short, "See this figure? You can never have it." Skip ahead a few years, and in 2010 the very talented Mattel and Ex-McFarlane Toys sculptors The Four Horsemen announced they got the license, and they were going to make action figures out of them. Well, that's close enough for me! [ READ THE FULL REVIEW ]