Thursday, October 25, 2012

Beta Wave Outer Space Men Arriving Now

THEY'RE HERE!  The latest batch of Outer Space Men are arriving in mailboxes, if you didn't pick yours up in person from New York.  They're available from Action Figure Xpress (where I ordered mine) as well as Store Horsemen.

Action Figure Xpress just happens to have slightly cheaper shipping and they ship pretty quickly, so all things being equal you may just want to give them a shot first.  This round of Orbitron, Cyclops, and Gemini are reportedly limited to 300 sets, which, it turns out, may actually be too large of a run for the needs of the market these days, unfortunately.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Review: Four Horsemen Outer Space Men Alpha Phase Orbitron Action Figure

Taller than many of the other figures in this line, Orbitron is only second to the giants Colossus Rex and Cyclops in terms of size so far. This pink pre-paint stands at about 4 1/4-inches high, cast in a translucent pink plastic similar to the "Nonilla" color used for Glyos figures earlier this year. (Minus, of course, the glitter.) The striking figure has crisp sculpting and even a few painted details, with three pale blue dots making up his eyes and chest. A swell star pattern on his stomach pops when lit just right, and the overall look and feel is exquisite for an alien based at least loosely on the Metaluna Mutants of This Island Earth.  

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Outer Space Men NYCC Beta Wave Preorders Up Now

Action Figure Xpress put up the Beta Wave Gemini, Cyclops, and Orbitron at $65 plus shipping, the same price they were sold for at the show (sans shipping, natch.)  

For those keeping track, the Alpha Wave was sold for $50 last July, and Store Horsemen has that series down to $25.00 for a limited time... so if you don't have any versions of these molds yet, as far as bang for the buck goes, it's probably mathematically impossible to beat $25.  It's the same figures with the same tooling, just different coloring at a hugely different price.  (Thanks for the tip, Seth!)

Store Horsemen Blows Out Most Old and New Outer Space Men for 50% Off

Not two months after some new items shipped out, Store Horsemen has a bunch of newer Outer Space Men figures for half price.  So if you preordered months in advance and waited patiently... well, I guess the tortoise beats the hare yet again.  Good deals, people!

This year's Comic-Con exclusive from San Diego? $25.

The 2.0 sets?  $25.

The 2011 Infinity figures?  $25.

If you've been dragging your feet, at least you'll get to feel super-smart when you get these bargain-priced figures.   Good on you for not being an early adopter!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Outer Space Men Jack Asteroid Sculpt Debuted at NYCC debuted an image showcasing new sculpts, well, some resculpts and one new sculpt.  Jack Asteroid, the first Earth human male concept we saw recently in the Outer Space Men line, was on display much to the surprise of people who are me.  I seriously wasn't expecting to see this one... but there he is!  Perhaps he'll debut in 2013 or 2014.

The figure, if you missed it, was designed as a refresh of Metamorpho reusing Terra Firma's accessories and a new head sculpt.   If you're at New York Comic Con this weekend, be sure to go check it out in person.

UPDATE: Tad Ghostal posted a much better photo of the two humans on the Fantastic Exclusive forums.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Mel Birnkrant Reveals the Outer Space Women Figure Concepts

Mel Birnkrant has proven what we've all known to be true: boobs make things interesting.  The Outer Space Women are a series of designs which take the Terra Firma body and adapt it to various planets in the solar system.  Will they ever get made as figures?  Nobody knows, but they're certainly memorable and distinctive.  
Be sure to see all of these, and many other great designs, in Mel's Sketchbook.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Beta Phase NYCC Outer Space Men Revealed

The orange Gemini, smoke grey Cyclops, and purple Orbitron were revealed in a recent Action Figure Xpress newsletter!  These will be sold at New York Comic Con and, from what was relayed to me, the set will be sold via Shop AFX after the show.

More on the 2012 Beta Phase Outer Space Men as we have it!