Sunday, June 16, 2019

At Last: Outer Space Men White Star Zero Gravity's here! Finish up the (current) complete roster of Glyos-compatible 3 3/4-inch scale White Star action figures with Zero Gravity.   He's $25.00.

Just a few remain, and according to the official Instagram: "The last 3 3/4” Glyos OSM from the mind of Mel Birnkrant is live inside the Webstore. This is the 21st and last Whitestar figure to finish off the collection. While there are some major surprises this summer and into the fall; here is the ultimate installment to end one hell of a series."

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Tonight: Outer Space Men Colossus Rex Tyraxsis Design will be selling Outer Space Men Colossus Rex Tyraxsis tonight at 9:30 PM Eastern (or in about 23 minutes.) right now.  Surprise! It's big and orange and I can't wait to get one.  Click here for the store to check availability.