Thursday, December 6, 2018

Cosmic Radiation and White Star - More Preview Pictures

We got sent a dozen more pictures by The Outer Space Men's own Gary Schaeffer!  Check out more shots of Astrodite, Luna Eclipse, Zero Gravity, and Cthulhu Nautilus.

Here are the new Astrodites.

The Lunas Eclipse.

All the Zero Gravity:

And Cthulhu Nautiluspodes:

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Announcements - Cosmic Radiation Outer Space Men Continue in 2019

Not to be outdone, the Official Outer Space Men Instagram also added previews of 2 of the 4 new Cosmic Radiation figures.  Check out Luna Eclipse and Cthulhu Nautilus!  Luna (and Zero Gravity) already glow in the dark... but this time it's different.
And, of course, everybody loves a glowing tentacle monster.

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Announcements - More White Star Outer Space Men Coming

The White Star collection must be completed!   The Official Outer Space Men Instagram has been busy, and revealed the next four White Star figures - most likely coming in 2019!  Zero Gravity, Luna Eclipse, Cthulhu Nautilus, and Astrodite are all set to join the other characters in the white plastic with blue highlights.

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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Review: 12-Inch Outer Space Men Sofubi Glow in the Dark Colossus Rex Action Figure

The Outer Space Men, LLC Outer Space Men Sofubi Glow in the Dark Colossus Rex Action FigureThis 12-inch Sofubi Glow in the Dark Colossus Rex was delayed a long time. Customs can take a while... and I have to say when the box finally showed up in October I was almost rolling my eyes, thinking "this can't possibly be worth the price and the wait." Well, it was, and it was. It's gorgeous. It's a glowing beacon. It's incredible and I'm glad they're planning on doing at least a few more of these.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Review: Outer Space Men Zero Gravity Action Figure

The Outer Space Men, LLC Outer Space Men Zero Gravity Action FigureI was expecting a glow-in-the-dark version of Jack Asteroid - which we got - but to get a new character like Zero Gravity too? I'm surprised. He costs more than the original Jack Asteroid figure and has less paint, but the dude friggin' glows. The fully Glyos-compatible astronaut has alternate bent/straight arms and can be taken apart at nearly every point of articulation, and then some. That little moon ingot pops off, the helmet dismantles to 3 pieces, and the figure has an ab and a belt joint. The mold should look familiar - it was first released as the glow-in-the-dark Alpha Phase Metamorpho in 2010, and was subsequently released as multiple Metamorpho and Jack Asteroid bodies, most of which was reused for other figures in the first couple years of the line. It's the perfect generic humanoid template, they could keep more heads coming and I'd probably buy even more redeco figures.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Onell Design - New OSM Cthulhu-Nautilus Rlyehzoth Figure

OSM Cthulhu-Nautilus RlyehzothA new figure!  This Cthulhu-Nautilus Rieyehzoth is $22 and up for grabs as of about 5 minutes ago.  It's green, and cheaper than the carded version you may not yet have purchased.  Other accessories are available, as is a special Vampire Noboto with wings from this very figure.  Click here to get buying.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

New Outer Space Men Vehicles Coming a bit of news that's both welcome and ridiculous, the official Outer Space Men Instagram has announced 12-inch scale vehicles.  Now that 3 3/4-inch figures are about $30 and 12-inch vinyl figures are $120 - so a vehicle could be easily $200 or more.
No specifics or release dates were given, but do pay heed to the warning shot that fans of the line could be tapped for a significant wad of cash to keep the line complete going forward.
If for any reason they don't make it out in that giant size, I for one would be very happy to see some of the mini vehicle concepts from 50  years ago realized in a cheaper, less space-intensive format.  I'm excited to hopefully get my 12-inch sofubi figures soon, but if that line actually continues to completion I assume it will take up far more space than I would like - and that's before vehicles or alternate colorways come in to play.

Review: Outer Space Men Astrodite Action Figure

The Outer Space Men, LLC Outer Space Men Astrodite Action FigureFigures like the long-awaited Astrodite make me wish the Four Horsemen's "Hopper Block" figure stands came out - she could benefit from a display stand. The exquisitely-sculpted figure made her debut at a Toy Fair-adjacent Four Horsemen-run party and exhibition where toy nerds ran rampant in 2013. We were waiting for this one for five years, continuing the proud tradition of making fans wait for The Outer Space Men. The figure finally shipped to American fans in 2018, with some mail orders taking a little while, but the important thing is she landed. Effectively a female Commander Comet [FOTD #330], Astrodite takes the same Glyos-based construction and gives you a new character whose ankles touch and make her hard to balance. It's still awesome.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Review: The Outer Space Men, LLC Outer Space Men Cthulhu Nautilus Action Figure

The Outer Space Men, LLC Outer Space Men Cthulhu Nautilus Action FigureAbsolutely no toy line has the right to employ the phrase "a long time coming" like The Outer Space Men. The line is 50 years old, and some of the toys took nearly 40 years from concept to product. The 45 years it took to get Gamma-X makes Cthulhu Nautilus seem speedy by comparison - the figure was teased in 2011 as a concept drawing, while the coloring and head were based on toymaker Mel Birnkrant's massive imagination. In addition to The Outer Space Men, Birnkrant also came up with dozens of other lines like the unrealized Monstro-City, and this 2018 Cthulhu Nautilus head looks a heck of a lot like a Cthulhu-inspired creature from that toy pitch.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Now Available - Cosmic Radiation Ohpromatem
Orders are now open for Cosmic Radiation Ohpromatem!  The glow-in-the-dark figure is $25 plus shipping.  Several other new figures are also up for grabs, so you can order yours right now and presumably get them all at once to save on shipping.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Now Available - Zero Gravity!
New now!  Zero Gravity is up at for $30.   Presumably, orders ship soon - I'm looking forward to mine, and I hope the glow-in-the-dark astronaut gets here soon.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Now Available - Luna Eclipse!

A new surprise release!  Now available to order - Luna Eclipse!  The glow-in-the-dark Woman from the Dark Side of the Moon glows in the dark and has awesome hair - and she's $30 if you get her before they sell through.  Click here to order.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Outer Space Men Cosmic Radiation Terra Firma - In Stock Now Stock Now - Cosmic Radiation Terra Firma!  For $25, you can get one.  (I've got an order and I look forward to it shipping soon.)  She comes with a bonus bag of parts, which sounds pretty cool - but what are they?  I guess we'll know soon.  Order yours here.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Another Outer Space Men Drop - Red 12-Inch Sofubi Colossus Rex
If you've been keeping tabs on these, we've had glow, painted green, painted silver, black, and now blank red 12-inch Colossus Rex figures.  They're $120 each and pre-orderable now.  Are there more?   Probably!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Surprise Outer Space Men Drop - Blank 12-Inch Sofubi Colossus Rex
Apparently, it doesn't stop - as of this post Shop has unpainted 12-inch Colossus Rex figures up for grabs!  (I'd collect them all, but at $120 a pop I'll probably stop at two flavors.)   Click here to see what's available.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Next Outer Space Men Sofubi - The Man from Uranus!

On Instagram, we have confirmation that the second 12-inch vinyl figure for The Outer Space Men is Orbitron!  There's no release date yet and I believe the preview photo is just a black and white shot of an existing figure, but that's still news!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Outer Space Men - Now 12-Inch Sofubi Figure!

Coming soon to Five Points Fest, this 12-inch Colossus Rex looks pretty gosh-darned stunning. (And yes I want one.)  Take a gander!  More info as we have it.  It should be on sale June 2-3 at the convention in Brooklyn Expo Center.

The Colossus Rex 12” vinyl is magnificent. This is the 1968 blue variant color which as many of you know are super rare as these were a mistake that the factory accidentally made. A hundred or so in blue (the original is green) made it out and into America 50 years ago and today is one of the more sought out OSM variation. In 5 weeks at the #fivepointsfest this first of many new OSM in this format will make his appearance for the first time. There are 5 total colorways including tons of blanks for the artists to go berserk on. This is the most important new OSM in 50 years and the 50th anniversary celebration continues. I want to thank @cluttermagazine for their tireless and incredible perseverance in creating this work of art. Josh and Miranda have proven themselves as consummate artists, technicians and the best partners I’ve ever had. This collaboration will continue forever as together we will create an army of vinyl OSM. #outerspacemen #melbirnkrant #actionfigures #spacetoys #sciencefiction #cooltoys #customtoys #futureouterspacemen #alpha7 #astrodite #astronautilus #colossusrex #commandercomet #cyclops #electron #gammax #gemini #horroscope #inferno #jackasteroid #metamorpho #mystron #ohpromatem #orbitron #terrafirma #xodiac #prototype #starwars #sofubi
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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Review: Outer Space Men Cosmic Radiation Xodiac Action Figure

The Outer Space Men, LLC Outer Space Men Cosmic Radiation Xodiac Action FigureFor a toy line that has proven popular, The Outer Space Men captures the imagination with strange designs. Like this one. The Cosmic Radiation Xodiac is the second Xodiac figure to have a beard, so I reached out to series designer Mel Birnkrant to ask what the deal was with the beard - is it meat? Is it hair? "It's both!" He told me - hey, that works.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Review: Onell Design Glyos Astro-Nautilus Redborg Syndicate

Onell Design Glyos Astro-Nautilus Redborg Syndicate Action FigureI'm a big fan of the Outer Space Men figures, especially the occasional crossovers done with Onell Design. Astro-Nautilus Redborg Syndicate was stamped out in clear yellow plastic with a hefty slathering of paint and a nice armory, too. It also costs over twice what the original release did in 2010.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Review: The Outer Space Men, LLC Outer Space Men White Star Gemini Action Figure

The Outer Space Men, LLC Outer Space Men White Star Gemini Action FigureThis one came out fairly late. Sometimes you never know what you want until you get it. I liked seeing the various Outer Space Men in various colors, but the pigment-free versions left me a little cold. I rather liked the three figure designs that didn't previously get the White Star treatment, more than many of the ones that did. When we were teased that White Star Gemini would exist, part of me was a little miffed it wasn't in color. But I'd be lying if I said it didn't turn out nicely - there's a lot of blue here that breaks up the white. It's good. I won't say it's as amazing as some of the other Gemini they've put out, but it's very good and it does a nice job of showing you the sculpting. Unlike, say, the clear ones. 

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Available Now - Cosmic Radiation Xodiac
Available right now: The Outer Space Men Cosmic Radiation Glow in the Dark Xodiac!  It's $20 at the Outer Space Men Shop, and it's great.  Our review is in the works and since we're in full Toy Fair prep mode, should be up in a few weeks.
It's just as bright as the other ones, with great markers like his fingers, joints, beard, and Saturn symbol showing up nicely.  Click here to order yours if you haven't done so.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Review: The Outer Space Men, LLC Outer Space Men Cosmic Radiation Metamorpho Action Figure

The Outer Space Men, LLC Outer Space Men Cosmic Radiation Metamorpho Action FigureDoes this one look familiar to you? The Outer Space Men Cosmic Radiation Metamorpho is new, but a glow in the dark Metamorpho was sold way back in July of 2010 as the very first release of this line, a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive. I reviewed it shortly before Figure of the Day launched - and it's different. This new one has a greenish hue rather than a bone one, and has completely different decoration.  

This new one is better.