Monday, July 16, 2012

Cosmic Creators: Mel Birnkrant Edition, The Sequel

Here's a fun surprise!  The always fun Mel Birnkrant posted another batch of Outer Space Men "custom" figures which are a little bit more fancy than the original 2011 deco figures.  Needless to say, I love 'em.  (Also needless to say, I hope they aren't $125 for the set again.)

You can find them all here with tons of production notes and pictures.

The new figures are as follows:

Red Devil Mystron: Clear orange figure painted purple. Looks really nice, the face is also orange.  The weapon is gold, as are all the weapons in this subset.  The purple gargoyle gun looks particularly nice, too.

 Fire and Ice Electron+: At first glance it isn't super-different, but it is. The figure is made of translucent blue plastic with silver armor painted over it.  The head is clear blue, and there are some orange bits to be "fire."  It looks nice.

Alpha 11: Based on an unproduced concept for a refresh of Alpha 7 from the late 1960s. Does not include the little starhopper vehicle, but has a nifty new deco and a new "garment" painted over his head.  Gold gun, orange helmet.  I approve.

Blue Angel Commander Comet: Rounding out the set, this figure now has metallic blue armor plus a two-piece helmet which is purple in the front and blue in the back.  I really like it too.  The metallic, iridescent deco on the armor looks like it might be even cooler in person.

So there ya go!  Four more new guys.   Now go get a bigger shelf, because there will probably be some new Four Horsemen ones coming too.

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