Thursday, July 16, 2015 Figure Flash Sale
Over at, there's a sale now - figures dating back several years are up for grabs, individually, for as little as $10.  Even the Cosmic Creator figures that some of us spent $125 on for the set and carried them back to our hotel in New York a couple of miles in the snow are down to a paltry $20 a pop - a fantastic price.
It looks like a few may have sold out, but $10 Cosmic Creators and $15 Cyclops Infinity are some pretty fantastic buys.  Get 'em while you can!

Four Horsemen License Expires, New Outer Space Men Still Coming

We did get a press release.  The five-year The Outer Space Men license with the Four Horsemen have expired and it appears Mel Birnkrant, Gary Schaeffer, and Matt Doughty are going to be in charge of whatever happens next.

The official Outer Space Men Twitter Feed hints at releases of new characters and figures - at this time, one Astrodite is the only known sculpted-but-unreleased character.

The full press release after the cut.