Monday, September 23, 2013

New White Star Outer Space Men for NYCC, Great Price

The follow-up to the SDCC White Star set is almost here!  New York Comic Con will get this sextet on October 10, while some will go on sale at Store Horsemen on or about October 14.  They are set to be sold at the Onell Design boothClick here for more.

The pricing is quite reasonable compared to the SDCC Alpha Wave and White Star Wave - figures are $11 for basics, $16 for deluxes, or $35 for a pack of 3.  Sadly there is no all-in six-pack discount, but the average per-figure price is now a swell $11.67.

For the record, the sets break down as follows:
- Wave 6, Deluxe 2 set (Colossus Rex, Horrorscope & Ohpromatem) – Beta/White Star Edition – $35
- Wave 7, Deluxe 3 set (Gamma-X, Jack Asteroid & Terra Firma) – Beta/White Star Edition – $35

Customizers, this may be the deal of the year.    (But kindly let me buy my set before you chop these all up.)

Monday, September 16, 2013

More White Star Outer Space Men Figures Coming!

At Power-Con over the weekend, the Four Horsemen showed off a bunch of new stuff - including previously-unseen Outer Space Men White Star figures.
Picture stolen from Action Figure Insider.  Seen here for the first time are White Star Gamma X, Colossus Rex, Terra Firma, Jack Asteroid, Horroscope, and Ohprometam.

I didn't see any word on pricing, release dates, or confirmation on if these will be sold with the three figures not yet seen in White Star colors (Cyclops, Gemini, Orbitron.)  If they were in fact on sale at the show, I sure as heck haven't found a report mentioning it yet.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Review: Four Horsemen Outer Space Men Cosmic Creators Mel Birnkrant Edition Alpha 11 (Alpha 7) Action Figure

The idea behind the Outer Space Men Cosmic Creators Edition was seemingly new takes on the existing figures, but the funny thing is that Alpha 11 (Alpha 7) is an actual, unrealized vintage concept. Mel Birnkrant posted his shots of the original, which gives it a Mickey Mouse-esque head and a super-cool "Star Hopper" vehicle that I would really love to have had included with this new release. Instead, we get the 2011 Alpha 7 with new paint, which isn't a bad thing.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Tangent: Major Matt Mason-inspired Glyos Scorpio Custom

Check out this Matt Doughty-engineered custom Glyos build inspired by Major Matt Mason Scorpio at Onell Design!

Major Matt Mason is the line which inspired Mel Birnkrant and Colorforms to release the original Outer Space Men, which inspired Mattel to make a few of their own aliens, all of which inspired Matt Doughty to do Glyos, which the Four Horsemen used to remake the Outer Space Men in Glyos form, and now we've got this guy. Whew!

Sadly this unique build from Mr. Doughty does not appear to be for sale, but the pieces to make it - and several other new figures - will go up for sale at 9:30 PM Eastern on Sunday, September 8.  Click here for details.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

White Star Outer Space Men Price Drop

Did you buy the 8-pack of White Star Outer Space Men Action Figures at Comic-Con? I did.  And we're suckers, because ActionFigureXpress marked it down 20% from $114.99 to the much more reasonable $91.99.
It's a much better price for plain white figures with a few blue highlights.  They are by no means remarkable, but if you're planning on collecting them all (and mathematically, you aren't) it's a chance to get them on the cheap.  Or you can wait for another markdown and get some great custom fodder.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Review: Four Horsemen Outer Space Men Alpha Phase Gamma X Action Figure

Four Horsemen Outer Space Men Alpha Phase Gamma X Action FigureAs one of the final unproduced "original" Outer Space Men, Gamma X benefits from years of history and is a bit of a toy legend in that the original 1969 prototype didn't yield a mass-produced toy until this one. For those dying for a Gamma X figure of their own, truly it is a great day. For those just wanting a neat figure, it's OK. Feeling like a mutation of the previously-released Electron+, the concept of a man from beyond time was a sound one - the original concept of a glow-in-the-dark figure in clear crystal armor - but as a clear unpainted guy in a blue suit, the complete package is just not all that exciting. Individual components, on the other hand, are pretty amazing.