Saturday, October 31, 2020

Bluestar Outer Space Men Series 3 Revealed, Pricing

Gary from Team Outer Space Men sent us a note that the 3-pack of Cyclops, Gemini, and Orbitron are coming! And are sadly getting a price increase.  The 3 big beefy blue glow guys will set you back $90, but there's a lot of glowing plastic in there.

You can find more pictures on their Instagram here.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Bluestar Outer Space Men - Round Two Live Now!

As the fates foretold, Wave 2 of the Bluestar Outer Space Men are live now.  (It is uncertain if they are in-stock or a pre-order.)   Like the last batch they're $25.00 each plus shipping, and come with a wide array of accessories.

The glow-in-the-dark blue plastic is incredibly bright when properly charged, and the wave one figures turned out really well.   If you are so inclined, you'll probably love them.  The Glyos system works great for these 3 3/4-inch scale figures, plus things that glow in the dark are generally always nice.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Review: Outer Space Men Bluestar Xodiac Action Figure
Who loves more of the same, but different? Bluestar Xodiac brings you the same basic color layout of the Cosmic Radiation edition, but now with blue glow plastic and light blue painted highlights - and two helmets. You get a bit more here than a basic Xodiac, but it also costs more than double what the figure did in its debut 10 years ago. Is it worth it? If you like blue glow, yes, yes it is.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

The Outer Space Men Bluestar Round 2 Preview Outer Space Men relaunch kicked off 10 years ago as a sort of perfect mashup of Glyos construction and 1970s Kenner articulation and personality.  And it's still going!  On Twitter, The Outer Space Men crew previewed the next batch of Bluestar figures.  These blue glow-in-the-dark figures are updates of the 2011 crew - Commander Comet, Mystron, Electron+, and Alpha 7.  This is the first we've seen them in-the-glowing plastic.
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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

New Outer Space Men Coming - New Series of Bluestar Figures

New! Via the Outer Space Men Instagram, take a look at preview packaging for the  next Bluestar glow-in-the-dark blue figures of Alpha 7, Electron+, Commander Comet, and Mystron!  The post promises more in a couple of weeks.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Review: Outer Space Men Bluestar Metamorpho Action Figure
As shared experiences go, toys are great. Unfortunately The Outer Space Men are one not shared by my peers - they're before my time, but I love the designs as sci-fi space race-era toys go ever since I saw them in Action Figure Digest, which was a real magazine a million years ago. For this reason, Bluestar Metamorpho is a fun, weird figure that stands on his own. [ READ THE FULL REVIEW ]

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Review: Outer Space Men Bluestar Astro-Nautilus Action Figure know the drill - The Outer Space Men are awesome. These 3 3/4-inch action figures are magical and got wildly expensive to make in recent years, so the Bluestar Astro-Nautilus is $25 today when you used to be able to get a fully-painted and carded set of four figures for about $40. That's inflation for you. This mold is one of the ones they used in 2010, and it's a gorgeous design - is it worth $25 though? ...well, I bought one.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Review: Outer Space Men Bluestar Inferno Action Figure
Since the 2010 relaunch The Outer Space Men has been pretty stop and go - periods of inactivity are followed by huge bursts of releases, and Bluestar Inferno kicked off the impressive-but-pricey blue glow series late last year. As you no doubt know, the blue glow plastic used by this series (and all Glyos or Onell Design figures) tends to shine incredibly brightly. A short exposure to UV or sunlight means hours of blue glow, be it dim or brightly depending on when you examine it. I've seen these figures glow after eight hours... just not incredibly brightly when hour eight rolls around.