Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Outer Space Men White Star NYCC Beta Phase Figures Up to Order Now

The New York Comic Con Exclusive Outer  Space Men Beta Phase White Star Action Figures (whew) are up for ordering at Store Horsemen now.  You can order them individually, as a set of 3, or as a complete set of 6.  There are no additional savings for ordering the 6-pack.

It's worth noting USPS shipping is now an option as well - for roughly half the price of FedEx, you can ship your stuff by the postal service.  It's also worth noting that the Power Lords exclusive figures will go up soon as well, so you may be well-served waiting another few hours to order the OSM as well as the new Power Lords in one big order to save even more on shipping.  (That's my plan, anyway.)

Also notable: the flags for Terra Firma and Jack Asteroid have been improved significantly, as you can see in the pictures.  Hoorah!

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