Monday, September 23, 2013

New White Star Outer Space Men for NYCC, Great Price

The follow-up to the SDCC White Star set is almost here!  New York Comic Con will get this sextet on October 10, while some will go on sale at Store Horsemen on or about October 14.  They are set to be sold at the Onell Design boothClick here for more.

The pricing is quite reasonable compared to the SDCC Alpha Wave and White Star Wave - figures are $11 for basics, $16 for deluxes, or $35 for a pack of 3.  Sadly there is no all-in six-pack discount, but the average per-figure price is now a swell $11.67.

For the record, the sets break down as follows:
- Wave 6, Deluxe 2 set (Colossus Rex, Horrorscope & Ohpromatem) – Beta/White Star Edition – $35
- Wave 7, Deluxe 3 set (Gamma-X, Jack Asteroid & Terra Firma) – Beta/White Star Edition – $35

Customizers, this may be the deal of the year.    (But kindly let me buy my set before you chop these all up.)

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