Monday, August 22, 2011

Xodiac Glyaxia Command Special Edition On Sale Friday

Previously known as "Glyaxian Xodiac," the Xodiac Glyaxia Command Special Edition is coming Friday! It will go on sale at 9:00 PM Eastern, along with new figures galore plus some new kits. The price of the new Xodiac is still unknown, but Matt from Onell Design writes:

"Special Note - The Glyaxia Xodiac is a triple crossover with the combined forces of Mel Birnkrant and the Four Horsemen. This version of Xodiac is the guest 'Traveler' for this wave, helping to train the Glyans to be better soldiers and maybe teach them some Space History 101 from the Milky Way. HUGE thanks to Mel and the 4H for letting us play around with one of their creations, it is truly a dream come true! I am personally crazy about how this figure came out, a true testament to the craftsmanship that those guys put into everything they do."

You can (and should) read more at the Onell Design Blog update on this new collection of toys. There's going to be a Rig figure which matches Xodiac, complete with large tampo designs on the wings, for $25.00. It looks good!

If you are not familiar with the Onell Design Glyos toys, we have a blog for that. Also, let me suggest some items to add on to your Xodiac purchase:
Gendrome Buildman (any color)
Glyan (any color)
Crayboth (come in 2-packs, any color)

The Crayboth are particularly neat-- they feel sort of like Battle Beasts, and yet somehow also seem right at home with the Outer Space Men. A 2-pack is about $6.00, so really, you'd be foolish to not buy them. (Heck, I regret missing the glow-in-the-dark ones.) They're scheduled to appear in an upcoming Figure of the Day at

You can swap parts between these figures and your Outer Space Men, plus they're fun. If you're ordering on Friday anyway, it's not like you can avoid paying shipping, so throw some more toys in the box.

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