Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Price Update: Onell Xodiac Pricing Confirmed, Bio Revealed

You might have missed the update, but the pricing for the Xodiac special edition figure has also been confirmed at $12.00. You can see this on an updated post from earlier this week.

This figure is going to be Friday's Figure of the Day, so be here really early Friday for a look at our review just before the order goes live. Exciting!

But wait, there's more! In the post "Reality" the Onell Design crew give a backstory to Xodiac's appearance in the Glyos toy universe! An excerpt:

"Thanks to a chance encounter with Pheyden long ago, Xodiac learned of the Glyos System and how to travel through the Edge of Space to get there... " Go to Onell Design and read this post for the rest of it.

And be sure to read the comments-- apparently the Four Horsemen are kicking around designs for a new Pheyden head (Pheyden being the lead character in the Glyos line.)

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