Saturday, August 27, 2011

Outer Space Men Customs of the Week (Or Whenever)

Since Glyaxian Xodiac sold out (you did get your order in, didn't you?) you might need something new. Because you, like me, are impatient. To kick things off, THEGODBEAST made a special Bio-Jumper specially designed for the Alpha Phase Alpha 7 figure. (He sells the spider-like creature and others as Bio-Jumpers, read more about them here. At press time, this one can be found for sale here for a mere $15.00.) Bio-Jumpers don't plug in to the neck sockets like Glyos heads, but rather sit atop their heads sort of like a hat or a helmet. They're based on sketches from Matt Doughty, but sculpted, molded, and forged by the force of nature known as THEGODBEAST.

On the October Toys forum, user Ericso posted some crab add-ons that are some of the most amazing things I've seen as add-on part. (I gotta find a way to get the crab head and claw in pretty much any color.) His customized parts are colored to match Alpha 7 as well, plus the Beta Phase Inferno figure from last year's New York Comic Con set.

While not Outer Space Men-specific, Ericso also made this figure. It's friggin' beautiful. The crab parts were also crafted by THEGODBEAST from an actual crab part. If you're interested in these bits and pieces, you can go to his blog, read more, and contact him directly for making a purchase-- no price list on these specific items, but most of his stuff is pretty darned reasonable, especially considering the edition size.

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  1. Totally flattering post! "Force of nature known as THEGODBEAST" is some funky fresh vocab brutha!

    Thanx 4 the incredible props!