Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pre-Order Outer Space Men 2013 Alpha Phase Figures Now

Good news! You can pre-order the 2013 Outer Space Men San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives from the Four Horsemen right now.  (Not so good news: each 3-pack is now $60, making the 6 figures $120 before shipping.)  These are not for at-show pick-up, I assume it'll be like other years where you just walk up and buy it.  At $12, shipping isn't actually all that shabby.  Click here to order.

Pictures are not posted at this time, but here's the breakdown:

Wave 6 with Deluxe Wave 2
Colossus Rex - Clear Green
Horroscope - Clear Purple
Ohpromatem - Clear Smoke Grey

Wave 1 with Deluxe Wave 3
Gamma X - Clear Colorless
Jack Asteroid - Clear Orange
Terra Firma - Clear Orange

I'll be picking mine up at the show, barring a sell-out.

For those keeping track, this makes the tally 14 SDCC exclusive Outer Space Men so far, for a grand total of $235.00.  ($16.79 per figure on average.)

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