Thursday, June 20, 2013

Outer Space Men Trading Cards Update

Back in 2010, we reported that Outer Space Men Trading Cards were coming from Tom Lichtman, of SideKick Trading Card Publishing, also known as SideKick Labs.  The manufacturer had a 2011 target release date, and at New York Comic Con 2011 the company had other products available - specifically Sucklord's SuxPax -  but no Outer Space Men!  So did the deal fall through, or are we still waiting for something?

Earlier this week I fired off a message to the affable Gary Schaeffer, the man behind and many of the business dealings with this brand.  It was shared with me that the cards were not produced in a timely manner and other circumstances resulted in the parties between Outer Space Men and SideKick Labs not going forward with the project as of February 2012 - so it's been dead for quite some time.

Mr. Schaeffer shared that The Outer Space Men LLC are indeed interested from hearing non-sports card entities interested in producing cards based on the property.

Schaeffer contined, "Chase cards, artist cards, Mel [Birnkrant]'s own cards and more are slated to be in the collection." The level of detail sounded impressive -  "[Tom Lichtman of SideKick] even has individually wrapped in cello for safety exact tasting gum sticks that will accompany the cards," Schaeffer said, highlighting that many of the cards would have been produced to have a retro, older feel using equipment to replicate the kind of cards used 40 years ago down to the chewable sugary gum sticks. 

Alas, it was not to be - a few hundred sample cards were printed, and that's as far as production ultimately got.

Special thanks to Gary Schaeffer for his time and assistance on this!

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