Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's out? What's coming?



Alpha Phase: San Diego Comic-Con 2010 Exclusives
Astro-Nautilus, Clear purple, 300 pcs
Inferno - Clear red, 300 pcs
Metamorpho - Glow-in-the-dark, 300 pcs
Xodiac, Clear orange, 300 pcs

Beta Phase: New York Comic-Con 2010 Exclusives
Astro-Nautilus, Clear blue, 300 pcs
Inferno - Clear yellow, 300 pcs
Metamorpho - Clear pink, 300 pcs
Xodiac, Clear green, 300 pcs

Infinity Edition
Astro-Nautilus, the Man from Neptune
Inferno, the Man from Mercury
Metamorpho, the Man from Alpha Centauri
Xodiac, the Man from Saturn

Holiday Edition: Figures have either Silver or Gold weapons
Astro-Nautilus, Clear red
Inferno - Clear blue
Metamorpho - Clear green
Xodiac, Clear colorless

Infinity Edition
Commander Comet, the Man from Venus
Mystron, the Man from Hollow Earth

The original line in the 1960s had 7 figures produced with 6 more almost produced for a second series, which achieved a legendary status among toy collectors. There are also said to be numerous unfinished concepts, so it's entirely possible previously unseen characters could make it out. Otherwise, it might cap at 13 sculpts plus repaints.

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