Sunday, July 25, 2010

Outer Space Men 2010 Packaging vs. Glyos Packaging

The 2010 Outer Space Men line takes a lot of cues from the Onell Design Glyos toys-- most notably the "open source" (read: freely usable) articulation system which allows for parts-swapping. Onell is currently using a ziplock-esque plastic bag with a stapled header card, which the Horsemen adopted for the new range.

The glow-in-the-dark Metamorpho is seen next to a Glyos figure. This packaging may only be for these exclusive figures, as one of the Horsemen shared that actual blister cards are in development as of Comic-Con this week.

Interesting notes:
• There are no UPCs or SKUs on the packaging.
• There are only 2 header cards-- it's Metamorpho on one side, and Astro-Nautilus on the other. Smart cost-cutting move!
• There is no mention of SDCC or Action Figure Xpress (the booth at which these were sold) anywhere on the packaging.

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