Monday, July 26, 2010

Outer Space Men Vehicles: Use What You Have

The Outer Space Men are jointed very similarly to vintage 1978-1985 Star Wars figures. There are also added knee, ankle, wrist, and elbow swivel joints, but the fundamental "arm and hip swivel" articulation remains. The good news? This means these figures should fit in essentially any Mini-Rig, starfighter, or tank you so choose... as long as bending knees aren't necessary.

This means a number of G.I. Joe and other toy lines are perfectly compatible with these, if that's something you're looking for. (Pictured: 2010 Clone Wars Fighter Tank, Star Wars Cloud Car, Star Wars Snowspeeder from Hasbro.)

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  1. Over on the Glyos forums, we have a thread dedicated to other vehicles that can be used with Pheyden and the gang:
    But no one has come up with that Clone Wars tank yet. I think I might have to pick one up. Looks like it fits the OSM well.