Monday, December 20, 2010

Review: The Outer Space Men Infinity Edition Inferno


Standing about 3 4/5-inches tall (at the top of his removable helmet), this figure is fantastic. Just look at it! Molded in a grey plastic, the figure has been painted silver although it's tough to tell just by looking at it. As such, be careful when handling it because it's entirely possible that the paint may rub off over time with heavy play. The head and flame backpack are also molded in silver, but painted over in reddish orange. Due to the plastic the manufacturers used, it seems that the figure is painted all over when in fact it is not. Other highlights on the figure are painted to make it look like the original design, including some gold flourishes on his gauntlets, an articulated ornament on his chest, painted black "bendy joints," and of course, a specially decorated codpiece. The ladies love the codpieces. [ READ THE FULL ARTICLE ]

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