Saturday, December 18, 2010

Outer Space Men Infinity Edition Figures Delivered

In all the excitement on Friday, we totally forgot to mention that our set of the Outer Space Men series 1 (Astro-Nautilus and Metamorpho) plus series 2 (Inferno and Xodiac) arrived in fantastic shape. We're snapping pictures for reviews in the coming days, and we can say that it's totally worth getting a set to play around with.

Particularly exciting is mixing the Alpha Phase Inferno with the Infinity version. This picture we just snapped in a hurry while we were futzing around, The picture is the Alpha Phase Inferno with the alternate arms and gun from the Infinity figure. What a difference some color makes! The Infinity Inferno is molded in grey plastic and painted red, in case you were curious.

A quick note: if you use the Alpha head and flames with the Infinity figure, it looks a heck of a lot more like the original prototype toy-- more on that later this weekend or early next week.

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