Monday, September 6, 2010

NYCC Outer Space Men Beta Wave Exclusive Details

The Four Horsemen celebrated Labor Day in the USA by working. Specifically, by posting a press release with details of their new exclusives-- no pictures are available yet but they mentioned in their forums they could be up as early as this week.

The short of it:
- There will be 4 figures, 330 of each
- StoreHorsemen will have 30 (yes, 30) sets and that's it
- The figures will be sold via Action Figure Xpress and ToyTokyo at NYCC

These "Beta Waves" are notable in that they are the second set of "prepaints" before the real figures are made... and when will this be? No idea. But for building hype, this company seems to be doing a great job of ensuring fans will have to do some work to get these. For more details, consult their press release and stay tuned here for more!

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