Friday, September 24, 2010

New York Outer Space Men ON SALE NOW SOLD OUT

A few minutes late, but still timely, Store Horsemen has the 4 New York Comic-Con Outer Space Men up for pre-order. Only 30 sets are available and it's limited to 1 per person. A set is $40 and $9 for domestic shipping in the United States. Good luck!

UPDATE #1: These have since sold out-- by about 6:10 PM.

UPDATE #2: On The Forums, the Four Horsemen confirmed the set sold through in 1 minute, 41 seconds. If your order confirmation number ends in 2998 or less, you got in. If not, odds are your order will be canceled. Obviously, watch their forums for more specifics on this issue. And hope they make more to fill the orders with next time.

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