Sunday, December 8, 2013

2013 Galactic Holiday Outer Space Men Revealed - They're Customs
On December 10, at 3 PM EST, the 2013 Galactic Holiday action figures go on sale at Store Horsemen.  This year, they opted to do customs and according to the site, did a run of about 20 pieces - any over that order will be pre-orders and ship later.

There are two tiers - Galactic Holiday 2013 and Ultra Galactic Holiday.  Ultra Galactic Holiday are limited to 1 of each available for backorders with prices of $50-$65 each, the standard Galactic Holiday is $200 for the set or $35-$45 each.


While certainly an interesting twist, I do not collect custom figures.  It appears the Galactic Holiday figures may be redecorated SDCC 2013 Alpha Phase figures while the Ultras could be Beta Phase figures.  I will say this - the Ultra Ones look sharp.  If those were a regular mass-produced release, I'd totally buy a set.  Click here to see them on Source Horsemen.

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