Friday, September 6, 2013

Tangent: Major Matt Mason-inspired Glyos Scorpio Custom

Check out this Matt Doughty-engineered custom Glyos build inspired by Major Matt Mason Scorpio at Onell Design!

Major Matt Mason is the line which inspired Mel Birnkrant and Colorforms to release the original Outer Space Men, which inspired Mattel to make a few of their own aliens, all of which inspired Matt Doughty to do Glyos, which the Four Horsemen used to remake the Outer Space Men in Glyos form, and now we've got this guy. Whew!

Sadly this unique build from Mr. Doughty does not appear to be for sale, but the pieces to make it - and several other new figures - will go up for sale at 9:30 PM Eastern on Sunday, September 8.  Click here for details.

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