Monday, August 5, 2013

Cosmic Creators Outer Space Men 2013 - Arriving

They're here! I was lucky enough to get the box today - as usual my postman neither knocks nor rings the bell, but throws down the box as hard as possible so I can hear it in another room.  Courtesy of the top-notch packing job from, this new Cosmic Creators Outer Space Men Mel Birnkrant Edition came through perfectly - with a bonus mug, to boot.

According to the forums, some figures have alternate Commander Comet helmets (purple on one side and blue on the other) so that may be a variant to watch for.  Everything is coming up sunshine, and it's worth noting the weapons are that shiny vac-metal we all love and not the duller gold paint!  At press time I have yet to open mine, but I got set #111.  Each has Mel Birnkrant's signature and is hand-numbered.

It's also worth noting that Alpha 11 is cast in a clear colorless plastic and is painted - just like Metamorpho from the "2.0" line. still has 19 sets available at press time.  For $20/figure ($80/set) I can safely say it ain't bad - especially since unpainted figures creeped up to $20 earlier this year.

Reviews and more images should go up in the next few days, for the seven people who read this blog.  (Tell your friends!)

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