Sunday, July 21, 2013

Quick Overview: 2013 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Outer Space Men Alpha Wave

They made it! They weren't available until Friday, but the latest Outer Space Men did indeed show up and reviews will start popping up on this very blog this week - we're just getting back from the show so there's a lot to unpack.  Here's a quick rundown.

- The set of 6 was $120, making this the most expensive Alpha wave yet at $20 per figure.  Last year's was $50 for 3 figures, or $16.66 per figure.
- This was the first Alpha Phase to not come with any bagged figures with stapled header cards.  All came in sealed bags inside a small white box.
- The box has no individual figure names on the outside.
- The sets were mispackaged with my sample - the figures came in the opposing boxes.
- The flags are not well made. The stickers keep coming unglued - you can squeeze them together but they begin to separate.  Expect to reglue or replace them within a few months to a year.
- The Outer Space Women have difficulty standing due to their poses.
- The Outer Space Women cannot sit with their legs at a 90-degree angle.

Overall it's a nice wave - Colossus Rex is the clear winner (literally) and will be reviewed here on Tuesday.  Gamma-X is quite good, but cannot sit with his armor attached.  The Jack Asteroid and Terra Firma helmets are three-piece contraptions with flip-up visors.  Ohpramatem and Horroscope share a bunch of parts, and the transforming head gimmicks work great.  Horroscope has a two-piece head that separates at the tentacles. And I got work to do so more later.

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