Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Display Idea: Tim Mee Battle Mountain Playset

A few weeks ago I was corresponding with a nice fellow that mentioned I should look into the Tim Mee Battle Mountain [ REVIEW | BUY ], which is a reissue of an old largely hollow mountain facade that sits on a flat surface and has tons of flat surfaces for displaying action figures. 

Above, I managed to cram most of the current Outer Space Men painted figures on there with a little room to spare.   It's ideal for 3-inch scale figures, but 4-inch will fit pretty nicely too.

If you collect Glyos and Outer Space Men figures, this is basically worth the $22 or so.  It is severely lacking in accessories or play features, but it really does feel like an old toy and its look matches these simpler, smaller figures quite nicely.

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