Thursday, December 27, 2012

Outer Space Men Galactic Holiday 2012 Arriving

The Outer Space Men Galactic Holiday 2012 are arriving now!   Mine was dropped off at 8:30 AM, which is, all things considered, pretty surprising.

In an interesting twist, this year the items come semi-packaged.  Each figure is packed in a sealed clear plastic bag, just like Onell Design Glyos figures have been for the bulk of the year.

The twist is that flat, unused packaging is also included.  Note 2 Zip bags, 2 Gemini/Orbitron header cards, 2 backer cards, and a flat, unfolded Cyclops box were also included in the order.  Interesting!  I'm interested in seeing if later shipments will come packaged normally, but I gotta say I hope the Four Horsemen keep doing it this way.  Flat, unused packaging is a fun collectible and I generally discard "used" packaging for most figure lines.

If you haven't ordered this set yet, they're in stock at Store Horsemen as I write this.  $50!

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