Friday, May 18, 2012

UPDATE: Outer Space Men 2012 Alpha Wave Preorders Monday

UPDATE: The preorder page has been posted and it seems that unless I'm misinterpreting this, they may not be as widely available at SDCC as they were previously. "A currently undetermined amount may be put aside to be sold at San Diego Comic Con. Once this series of figures is gone, it's GONE!"  Elsewhere in the copy it says the items will be sold at the show so... order accordingly.

Reportedly at 9:00 EST (the last few preorders have been delayed by one or more hours), the next alien invasion should take place on Monday, May 21Click here for full details and note some of the following highlights:

- Set of 3 figures will be $50
- Cyclops has removable armor and helmet, plus optional "open" hands
- Orbitron has a (currently) secret hidden feature to be revealed next week
- Gemini is covered in studs, which are attached by Glyos sockets. This may make for an incredibly customizable figure, provided you can get a lot of tentacles you may be in for a real treat.

So the bad news is they cost a lot more ($50 for 3 as opposed to $40 for 4 in 2010) but such is the breaks in the days of rising labor and materials costs in China. 

Me, I'm gambling to take my chances at SDCC in person. (Worked last year!) Happy hunting, everybody!

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