Thursday, January 19, 2012

Review: Four Horsemen Outer Space Men Beta Phase Commander Comet Action Figure

Four Horsemen Outer Space Men Beta Series Commander Comet Action FigureArguably the least fanciful of the aliens in this line is Commander Comet, the Man from Venus who may as well be an angel or some dude from Earth. The bio on the packaging indicates his people visited ancient Earth and enjoyed Greece, so I guess there's an Icarus vibe. (He does remind one of Pit, who would come 20 years later and half a world away.) Anyway, where was I? Right. This Beta Phase version is limited to about 300 pieces and was sold at New York Comic Con first, and is cast in yellow plastic. The previous release was a clearish yellowy orange, so it's not exactly a huge difference-- compared to the contrast between 2010 releases, it's actually kind of disappointing it wasn't like black or green or something not closely related to orange.

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