Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday Edition 2011 Outer Space Men Revealed

While no pricing has been listed just yet, the Four Horsemen posted shots of all 4 (technically 8) flavors of their new holiday figures, due to ship real soon. Mystron is green, Electron+ is clear colorless, Alpha 7 is blue, and Commander Comet is, oddly, red.

Pre-orders start Monday, and there are turquoise or lavender accessories. You can pick this time! They look really nice.


  1. Doing my weekly browse of your site and read this latest announcement. One slight correction. Should it not read that Commander Comet is Red and Mystron Green? You have both as green.

  2. Ha these look cool. Comm. Comet's helmet really looks like a Christmas tree ornament int these colors. What's cooler is that if you look real closely at these photos you can see the person who took the photo- & they used an iPhone. O_O